Friday, April 16, 2010

Pasukan Tarianku

Taiping Mosh Rangers was born in year 2008. We are currently making our own name in Malaysian Hardcore Scene [MYHC]. We are not a band. We are interested into 2steps, breakdown and mosh. In a mosh pit, we ram into each other. We shove and strive. If anyone falls, we help each other even we don't know you at all. Get up and do it again! It is important in a mosh pit to pick up anyone that has fallen because the given person could literally die from suffocation or getting trampled. In really good mosh pits, you can be rendered unconcious. People outside of the subcultures that enjoy mosh pits find it scary and unappealing, but they won't ever know the happiness of a good pit. To organizer gigs, if you need our help for marketing or to promote your gigs or products, you can ask us for free. For any gigs that needs supporting labels on your gigs/shows, you can deal with us. Come join us and don't fight each other. It's just a dance. Let's meet us in your nearest gigs. For more information, you can ask us through our myspace profile or our personal myspace. Thank you. Email :

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